Who are you ?

Hey… Hi… I’m Gowtham kumar, i work as an android application developer. I’ve been developing android applications since 2012. I love photography and blogging and a batman fan.My interest towards blogging was started when i’m studying my bachelors. I still remember those days were there was group of our friends sit together and planned to launch a website like facebook  (apologies zuck). Anyway we’re no where near to that , somehow ended-up on different domains and the website we wanted to build ? we forgot. 

Why i started ?

What makes difference between animals and humans ? We humans pass our knowledge to our younger generations so that our human race makes our beautiful earth more easily livable and better place to live-in. And i wanted to share what i knew for the younger generation(newbies).Sharing is caring.

Why i choose blogging: 

Because it stays over the internet forever and digitally available for anyone all over the world for needy.

Whom this blog for:

Absolutely for newbies and few posts will be for mid-senior developers too.I’ll try to post related to the day to day issues which i come across so that we can learn together.



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