Sample Android App

In the previous post we installed android studio and now lets’s loook how to create a sample project and running it successfully.

The following are the simple steps :

Step 1:
File>New>New Project.

You”ll be prompted with a window something like the following where you can choose your application name and package name and project location. 


You can edit your application name and package name.

Step 2:

Now you”ll be prompted  to select minimum sdk that your supports. The minimum sdk is on which version of android is minimum to your app.
For Example :
Let’s say you have selected API 10 i.e., Android 2.3.3 . Your app will not be run on lower versions other than Android 2.3.3.


Step 3: 

Next step is to add MainActivity (Entry point of your app)which is going to be starting screen of your app.


You can choose any one of them as per your requirement in my case i”ll be choosing “Empty Activity“.

Step 4:

On the next screen you”ll asked to provide the “First Screen Name“. Be default it will be ‘MainActivity‘. As per java naming conventions you don’t have to give spaces between in your class name.And you”ll be asked to give a ‘layoutname‘. A layout is nothing but xml file which holds your  UI widgets like Buttons,TextViews,EditTexts. We’ll be discussing about widgets in coming up posts.Click on Finish 😛.


A small info will be displayed saying that gradle is building your app. We will disscuss about it later on.

Now you’re ready to write code. Happy Coding !


Getting started to Android Development

Getting started to Android Development

Hey guys. Hope you guys are doing well. And welcome to my first post about android development, Let’s get started.

When i started android development back in 2012 it was not easier to download android related things to your PC. The procedure was something like this : we used to download eclipse and sdk  from and integrating them together after downloading, it was long procedure most of my friends found it was difficult. After all all google came with Android Studio. Which changed the face of android development and it has pretty straight forward way to start with development.

There are few prerequites  i strongly recommend have this prerequites before you get started to android development.


2.Make sure you have atleast 1 GB of free space in the drive.

Let’s look into it steps to download:

Step 1:

Go to and click on download it for Windows. And accept term and conditions.

Step 2:

When the android studio bundle starts downloading you”ll be redirected to Where you can see the steps that has to followed for successful installation.

By default the page which shows steps for windows platform you can change it by selecting the drop down which is shown at the right corner of the page.


And for better understanding you can view the video which is displayed on this page .

That’s all folks you are ready to start programming for android !!!

Introduction to ‘yantraman’…

Introduction to ‘yantraman’…

Who are you ?

Hey… Hi… I’m Gowtham kumar, i work as an android application developer. I’ve been developing android applications since 2012. I love photography and blogging and a batman fan.My interest towards blogging was started when i’m studying my bachelors. I still remember those days were there was group of our friends sit together and planned to launch a website like facebook  (apologies zuck). Anyway we’re no where near to that , somehow ended-up on different domains and the website we wanted to build ? we forgot. 

Why i started ?

What makes difference between animals and humans ? We humans pass our knowledge to our younger generations so that our human race makes our beautiful earth more easily livable and better place to live-in. And i wanted to share what i knew for the younger generation(newbies).Sharing is caring.

Why i choose blogging: 

Because it stays over the internet forever and digitally available for anyone all over the world for needy.

Whom this blog for:

Absolutely for newbies and few posts will be for mid-senior developers too.I’ll try to post related to the day to day issues which i come across so that we can learn together.